Back To The Basics: Seeing Light at the End of the Corporate Tunnel

It makes me so mad that everything has become so commercialized that we have forgotten how to do the simplest of things.
Take gardening for example. I remember growing up my dad had an enormous garden. We didn’t buy our food from the store, we grew it or hunted for it. What came out of our garden and the animals he hunted  had to last us all winter until the next harvest. Then in elementary school our teacher thought us how to grow corn in a tiny cup in the window. It was such an essential part of my life that I never considered that alot of people didn’t know how to grow their food from seeds.
As I got older I realized that people had boxed up  that knowlegde somewhere in the back of their minds because the supermarket is a short drive away. They chose the easier route even though it costs them a ton of money just because it saves them time.
Gardening has become something of a novelty or hobby when it should be an essential part of our knowledge base.
I recently came across a post where a woman was berating farmers for slaughtering livestock. Her words baffled me beyond anything I have ever read in my entire life. “Go to the supermarket and buy your meat like everyone else and stop killing innocent animals!”
Was she serious?
Actually, yes she was!
This is the state we find ourselves in, where consumers know nothing of where their food comes from. To her, the supermarket makes the meat and it doesn’t come from a living animal.
This may come as a shock to some but… unless your eating a soybean burger, all meat comes from a creature that was once a living breathing animal with thoughts and feelings!
I know, it’s shocking and some of you will never buy that juicy delicious t-bone steak that came from a cows back ever again! We are a cruel species who kill to survive, get over it! You’ve been eating dead animal your whole life and that’s not going to change unless you become a vegetarian or vegan, in which case more power to you.
Her post made me wonder. How have we become so far detached from the most essential part of life?
The answer is simple. Commercialization!
Big companies have taken food, slapped a price tag on it, and put it all in one convenient spot. We don’t have to dig any further and most of us don’t. We don’t REALLY want to know what’s in our food, where it came from, and we definitely don’t want to grow or catch it. We want convenience. We want to look at a pretty picture that makes our mouth water and eat the product in the box. Big companies saw the opportunity and took it.
The problem is, we have become so dependant on the big brand companies that if they were to fall, most of the human race would go extinct. How many of us can say we have the knowledge to grow enough food to last us ALL YEAR? How many of us can say that if the time come, we will grab a gun (that we may or may not know how to use), trek 3 miles into the wilderness, and wait around for days until some unsuspecting animal comes along? How many can say that they could pull the trigger and take that animals life? How many can say that they would tie that animal up, slit it’s throat, gut it, skin it, and butcher it for the meat?
That’s what it takes. If you can’t do any one of those things you will fail to feed yourself and your family.
Big companies have no problem doing that in extremely large quantities. They also don’t have a problem giving those animals artificial hormones to increase size, unneeded antibiotics for infections they will probably never get that cause outbreaks of antibiotic resistant infections such as Madcow and the avian flue, use glue on the meat that can cause cancer, and inject the meat with water to add weight (yes, 30% of the cost of your steak is from injected water and that fillet minion is really just bits and pieces of left overs glued together, wrapped in plastic, and sliced to look like 1 piece).
We can no longer trust big Comercial companies to hold our best intrests. So many times we have been burned by them. Every week I hear of a new lawsuit against a big brand because they don’t care about us. They add so much crap into the products we buy without a single care for what it does to the consumer. They are in it for the money and if they can save even more money by cutting corners and using low grade, unhealthy, cancer causing ingredients then, by God they will.
But there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel that we have been locked in for far to long. More and more people are going back to the basics and making everything from scratch. We are learning that the only people we can trust with our health and happiness is ourselves.
It amazes me how many people didn’t know that they can make their laundry soap right at home for 1/4 of the cost of the Comercial brands. I am shocked when a friend or family member sees one of my blog posts and realizes that they CAN make money from home on the internet. It am extatic when a complete stranger tells me that they started a small garden and no longer have to buy pestacide ridden and bland as a piece of cardboard tomatoes from the store.
Finally, the world is waking up. Little by little, we are crawling out from under the feet of big corporations. I say… It’s about damn time!
It’s time we take our lives back into our own hands!
It’s time that we stop padding rich people’s pockets!
It’s time that we go back to the basics!

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