Poor Woman’s Pie- Recipe


We’ve all had hankerings for pie on occasion, especially around the holidays. Those apple pies look so good and homemade pies are the best but God, they take forever to make.

Sure, you could buy a pre-made one from the store and pop it in the oven or those tiny ones from Lil’ Debby but where is the fun in that?

I was searching for an alternative to store bought pies that was quick and easy to make but tasted great and worked well for snacks or dessert. And so the Poor Woman’s Pie was born with a little help from my mother in law who had made something like it when I first met my hubby.

The great thing about these pies is that they are super affordable to make. The only thing I ever have to buy to make them is pie filling, and to save even more money, I purchase it when it’s on sale using coupons when I can find them. (Usually around the holidays.)

About 3 years ago the hubby bought me a cheap sandwhich maker/griddle to make little personal hot pockets and sandwhiches. I use the same appliance and technique to make these pies. The possibilities of snacks you can make using this appliance are almost endless.

What you’ll need:

Sandwhich maker (or you can fry them like grilled cheese)

Bread (whatever kind you usually use,bought or homemade. One loaf can make between 5 and 8 sandwhiches depending on the size.)

Butter (again, whatever kind you usually use)

Your favorite Pie filling (fruit based works but pumpkin and cheesecake don’t of course. I use apple, cherry, blueberry, ect.)

Powdered sugar

Step 1: plug in your sandwhich maker so it’s hot and spray it with cooking spray.

Step 2: Butter one side of every piece of bread you will use just like you do when you make grilled cheese.

Step 3: Place the first piece of bread butter side down in the sandwhich maker and place 2 tablespoon of filling in the middle and spread it around until it’s evenly coated. I put one tablespoon on each half of the bread, leaving a small gap between the two sides where the divider on the bottom will end up sealing the bread into 2 sandwhiches. It seems to help it seal the bread together all of the way instead of the seal rupturing and spilling the contents everywhere when you cut it.


Step 4: Place the other piece of bread on top with the butter side up and close the lid. If your machine has a latch make sure you press the lid down until the latch catches to ensure even cooking.

Step 5: Let the sandwhiches grill for a few minutes until the crust is a nice golden brown or until the indicator on your machine says they are done. I leave mine in for an extra minute or two to ensure they are crispy and fully sealed.

Step 6: Use a plastic spatula or other non metal utensil to carefully remove the sandwhiches from the machine and place them onto a plate.

Step 7: Use a knife or Pizza cutter and cut along the middle seam until you have 2 half sandwhiches (or personal pies in this case.)

Step 8: Add another layer of butter to each pie allowing it to melt and sprinkle powdered sugar on each pie.

Let them cool and enjoy!

See? I told you it was super simple.


They can be a bit messy when you cook them because the filling squished out of the sides and caramelized on the plates but if you sprayed them before you started cooking they should be really easy to clean. If not fill a large pot with water and bring to a boil. Place the plates in the boiling water for a few minutes and gently scrub the remains off with a  sponge or other soft cloth so you don’t scratch the non stick coating and ruin the plates.



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