How you can save $500 or more on your grocery bill EVERY YEAR!

There are three things you need to survive.

  1. Air: Humans can survive approximately 3 minutes without air.
  2. Water: Without water you will perish in about 3 day give or take a day or two depending on the temperature and other factors.
  3. Food: If you are young and healthy you can go without food for 3 to 8 weeks depending on if you stay hydrated.

Morbid, I know, but for centuries individuals and companies have used this knowledge against the general public to pad their pockets because they know that we WILL pay for the things we need to survive.

Air for example, is bottled up and sold to hospitals who use it to help patients who’s oxygen levels have fallen. Water is bottles and sold for a 300% profit. Why? Because people want clean water that tastes better than what we can get from the tap in our kitchens.

Food is no exception. We all lead busy lives full of school, work, playdates, exercise classes, and after school activities like sports that we don’t have time to start a garden and weed it every day or raise animals for meat. We turn to fast food and easy to cook pre-packaged dinners because we simply don’t have the time (or the money) to cook homemade and healthy meals.

The average American family spends between $6,602  and $9,360 on food every year.  Depending on whether you eat at home or at restaurants, your families costs may be more or less, but either way, you probably spend about 10% of your income on food.

It may not seem like a lot of money for some, but I find it unacceptable. If you are perfectly happy spending about $151 a week in groceries, than feel free to leave this page now. But, if you are just as outraged as I am at the cost of something that is so essential for your survival, than keep reading and learn how you can save $500 or more on your grocery bill this year (and every year after)!



Most people hate using coupons mostly because of all the work involved to use them. You have to find the ones you need in this weeks paper, cut them out, make sure you put them in your wallet, and that you have to make sure that you them at checkout. Then there is always the chance that the store won’t have that item in the right size or variety or that the register won’t accept the coupon. there is nothing more embarrassing than having a coupon (or multiple coupons) rejected at checkout and having to put the items back or pay full price for them.

But the benefits of using coupons far outweighs the risks involved or the embarrassment of having one rejected. In many cases you can save about 33% on your grocery bill by shopping smart and using coupons. The key is to only buy what you need and when there is a coupon available for those products. This may mean that you have to buy 10 bottles of ketchup at $0.55 in one shopping trip but you won’t have to buy ketchup again at full price for a few months.

Extreme? Yes but it’s worth it to stock up on your favorite products when your are saving money in the long run.

Many Couponers couple their normal coupon usage with in store sales, online saving sites, and rebate apps to maximize their savings. These people are generally called Extreme Couponers and they tend to spend 20+ hours per week searching for savings but they also get a lot of their product for free or even get paid to take them.


Where to get coupons: – printable coupons, coupon codes, loyalty coupons.– printable coupons coupons– printable coupons

Your local Sunday paper

Weekly store Advertisements

Store websites- such as or

Company websites- such as or Some companies have coupons right on their websites others you must send them and email and request them. this is a great was to get coupons for specific products that you enjoy and use regularly but that aren’t included in weekly inserts or don’t go on sale often.


Rebate Apps


Another way to save some money is buy downloading one or more rebate apps like Checkout 51.

These apps allow you to take a picture of your receipt and choose any product that you bought that happens to have a rebate available. Once you submit your receipt you must scan the barcode of the products that you are claiming rebates on as a secondary proof of purchase.  Once your claim has been processed and approved your account will be credited the amount of the approved rebates and you can choose to have the balance sent to you as a check, credited to your PayPal account, or even sent as a gift card.

Rebates range from $0.25 to $3 or more depending on the product and requirements. you can earn extra rebates in some applications from completing different tasks or joining active teams. you can even earn cash back on online shopping by opening those sites and/or apps from the rebate application.

Rebate apps

Ibotta–  Mobile application. Joining is free using the link provided (this is my referral link meaning if you use it to sign up than you will join my team and I will get a $5 credit to my account but it will cost you nothing.)  Join a team and recruit friends by linking facebook and twitter. Receive bonuses for each friend you refer, you and your team claiming rebates, and completing challenges. These bonuses are on top of the rebates you get from claiming the products you buy. Earn cash-back on online purchases you make on Ebay, Walmart,, and more by launching them in the ibotta app.

Checkout51– Much like Ibotta this is a mobile application or website you can upload your receipts to and receive cash back for your purchases. Unlike the former, this app doesn’t offer cash back for online purchases in the same way and you cant earn extra for referring friends or completing team challenges.



Online savings sites/apps


Flipp– mobile application which compiles all of your local store ads and available coupons in one easy to use application.

Krazy Coupon Lady– mobile application and website for couponers. Visit the site or app to find lots of helpful tips to save more as well as available coupons and sale matchups. Brag about your savings and communicate with other extreme savers.


Please remember to like this post, subscribe, and subscribe to my blog if you would like more money saving tips. If you have any questions, comments, or any other favorite money saving sites/apps that you would like me to add to this list leave those in the comments below. Until next time, happy savings!  🙂









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