Hello to all you Poor Girls out there. My name is Samantha Perryman, otherwise know as Author S.L. Perryman. Don’t let the fact that I’m a published author fool you, I’m not in any way rich. As a matter of fact, being broke is what pushed me to start writing and publishing Fantasy novels in the first place.

I started this blog to help other’s like myself live a better life without financially straining themselves. It’s my mission to teach you how to save money and make money in the long run doing the things you love the most.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I am the youngest of 6 girls, 4 of which were raised by a single father after he and my mom divorced. Soon after their divorce we added 2 more girls to the family, my adopted sisters. See that little girl in the green bathing suit? That’s me at 9 years old. FB_IMG_1497568151712.jpg

Why are there only 7 people in this picture you might ask. Well that’s because getting all of us together in one place at the same time is damn near impossible. To date I have seen 1 picture with all of us together and I have no idea where it is.

Growing up we lived in a tiny town were my family made up a third of the population. My dad was even the mayor. He held down multiple jobs and our neighbor watched us everyday. Even with him working all the time he still found time to grow a garden, raise livestock, and hunt for most of the foods we ate.

We helped where we could, taking up chores and making a little extra money by mowing lawns or bailing hay to help out, because despite everything we did, we still had to rely on some government assistance.

We cooked our food on the wood stove, pumped our water from a well outside, and butchered our own meats.

Even with two jobs, my dad struggled to put clothes on our back and keep the electricity on.

At the time the picture above was taken, we were in a really good spot. My dad had gotten a great job at a metal working shop and we weren’t struggling anymore.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. Two years later my dad was laid off from his job, only this time we had nothing to fall back on.

We had moved when he got that job and were living in a much bigger town. We didn’t have any of our previous livestock or gardens to fall back on because verything had gotten sold off in the move, including our home. His unemployment payments kept us afloat for a few months but despite his best efforts, he was unable to find another job.

Within 6 months we were living in a home with no electricity, which meant alot of cold showers and sometimes lukewarm baths from boiling pots of water on a camping stove.

We learned alot during these difficult times which couldn’t end soon enough.

After a year, we finally moved to another town but things didn’t get much better. We went back to using wood heat and my dad was able to aquire a generator too. By this time, all but 2 of us had moved out of the house. We both took multiple side jobs to pay for our own school supplies and clothes, if we were lucky enough to have any money left, we gave it to my dad to help pay the bills.

We lived that way for another 3 years before things finally started falling into place.

My dad was able to get a decent job training hunting dogs and managing the business while its owner was out at shows. We were able to move to a nice house in the country where we had plenty of wild game to hunt and land to grow on. We were surrounded by cornfields and woods. Our rent and utilities were paid for so we had electricity and hot water and we were happy.

Shortly after we moved into the house in the country my mom and dad started dating again, then my sister and I both set out on our own.

I had met my then boyfriend the year before and he, my sister, and myself all decided to get a place together. With the three of us living together and all having jobs, we were living good.

But my sister and my fiance both lost there jobs within a few months of each other so we went our separate ways, both my sister and my fiance taking jobs in opposite directions from each other.

He and I moved into a small trailer out in the country where he could help his boss. Neither of our jobs paid much and I was still in school  so my time was extremely constricted. Once again we struggled to make ends meet and had to start looking for ways to save money. We both came from low income families so we knew how to be frugal and reponsible with our money but neither of us had much experience with actually growing gardens or raising animals, that was all handled by our parents. We may have helped here and there but never really learned how to do it all.

At this time Pintrest was a new thing but the Internet wasn’t. With both of us being tied up in school and/or work we couldn’t find the time to really learn how to be self sufficient on our own. So for another two years we sat in limbo, barely paying all of our bills and being able to put food on the table. Both of those years I  started a garden but wasn’t experienced enough to make it as productive as we needed.

Finally, when I graduated, we both took good jobs and started looking for a place to buy. Neither of us had good credit so we couldn’t get a loan and we didn’t make enough to put together any significant savings for a decent down payment anyway so we started looking for a place we could rent to own. Luckily my now husband is extremely outgoing and knows everyone. It just so happened that a friend of his was selling their house and only wanted $2500 (yes you read that right) for it.

We moved in within a month and started paying $100 a month in rent, chipping away at the total. It isn’t the best place. There are holes in the ceiling, the roof leaked but we fixed that, and the floors bounce everytime you walk on them but it’s a roof over our heads.

When we moved in I had limited knowledge about gardening but I’ve spent the last 5 years learning and experimenting until I got it right. I’m still learning new things everyday. There were no edible plants on the property at all when we got here either.

I started small. A rose bush first, a wild onion plant next, then a grapevine and strawberry plants, followed by herbs and spices, until most recently when I added 9 black raspberry bushes and a blueberry bush.

We’ve had a garden every year we have lived here and each year we get more and more food out of them. I’ve learned how to dehydrate and can our foods and we added pigs that we butcher now.

We add a little more every year and are working our way up to a full homestead. We have plans to add many more ever bearing fruit trees and bushes as well as start raising cows to butcher.

I started learning how to make money from home shortly after our son was born, mostly because I was bored as a stay at home mom and tired of being broke since I am so used to working all the time.

I started ghost writing erotica for a publisher in Chicago and soon after started publishing my own work.then I started blogging and vlogging. I love writing and blogging even though it doesn’t pay the bills, now my full time job does. I continue to try new ways of making money from home and sharing them with anybody that will listen.